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My name is Amelia Smith of BorderSmith Kennel and with The Real Time Canine, I am providing training technique for Border Collie Sheepdogs. Beginning with 10 week old Kensmuir Star, I will document his daily lessons in words and pictures every Sunday. Previously subscription based, the complete working journal is now available here every Sunday.

From the moment I collected Star, his training began and you will be with us every step of the way. Good manners, willingness & confidence are necessary for him to attain my goal to become a useful working sheepdog and successful trial competitor. From the first lessons on manners & socialization to his first exposure to sheep, you will be a part of Star's journey to success.

After a lifetime with animals, dogs, horses and livestock, I am happy to share my expertise with you. I have found success in sheepdog trials at home and abroad and have trained dogs that went on to find success with others. To learn more about me and my dogs, please visit my BorderSmith website and my BorderSmith Blog! Cheers and thank you very much.

Nov 23, 2009

Week 53

Introducing Tim! He is the newest addition to my kennel here at BorderSmith and I am thrilled to have him. He is 4 months old and a granson of a former International Supreme Champion, Bobby Henderson's ##Sweep. I have previously raised and trained 2 ##Sweep progeny, and I can not express how excited I am to have another. Star was on injured reserve all week with a puffy ankle, and I laid him off to rest it. He came right again after just a few days and will be back at work next week. In the mean time, please welcome Tim.

Here's an excerpt from this week's Real Time Canine:

Little Timmy is a model citizen and Joy did a great job with him. He understands correction, stays quiet in his kennel, walks on a lead, keeps his feet on the ground, (for the most part,) and has been either under my feet or in my lap since I got him. Anything can happen, and he is as much a gamble as a pup born of questionable heritage. I hope his good breeding will shine through, however, and I will give him every opportunity. I can't believe I have him actually. It's hard to imagine that he even came to be after such a series of twists and turns. They say to let the pup pick you and in a way, Timmy did just that. I picked and chose and looked, listened and watched. I spoke to strangers and friends alike and then all of a sudden, here he is, sleeping peacefully in a crate at my feet. It's right where he belongs, I think

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